The Portable Career Network provides an opportunity for you to partner with us to write blog articles and other Write for us - Guest Bloggers - Guest Bloggingmaterial of interest.

We are also interested in marketing and selling information based products that you produce that maybe of interest to our readers and listeners.

People with a genuine  interest in our Program Areas are encouraged to work with us for mutual benefit by submitting written material that is original, relevant and informative. We have three levels of contributors:

Promoter (Guest Blogger) – These contributors provide information about businesses, organizations, events etc. and tend to be a one-off submitter of information – Contact us now to receive information about promoting your Portable Career or Lifestyle Business via the Portable Career Network.

Authors – are casual content providers that create articles of interest to our site for mutual benefit – Usually a link swap, banner promotion, podcast advertisement etc. If you are interested in becoming an Author (Guest Blogger) for the Portable Career Network Contact Us now for more information.

Our Editors are fully responsible for managing a Program Area and share in advertising and sponsorship. We provide all technical support, hosting, marketing, advertising sales, and a support community.

 Our Programs and Channels include:

  • Lifestyle Business
    • Businesses based on hobbies, interests and desired lifestyle
    • Agribusiness – Wineries
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Tourism & Hospitality
    • Consulting & Business Services
    • Food & Beverage
    • Writing & Information
    • Performing Arts
    • Work at Home
    • Other channel suggestions always welcome
  • Regional Business  – Visit RBTRadio.comfor more information
    • Regions are defined by Economic Development Organizations
    • Currently considering all regions in USA, Australia and New Zealand


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